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Chicago O'hare International Airport (ORD, KORD)

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Origin Arrival Status Airline Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
Atlanta (ATL)08:00landedUnited AirlinesUA18882E10
Green Bay (GRB)08:00landedUnited AirlinesUA35762F12
Saginaw (MBS)08:00landedUnited AirlinesUA54732E1
Charlotte (CLT)08:01landedUnited AirlinesUA26722E16
Rochester (ROC)08:02en routeUnited AirlinesUA23891C30
Buffalo (BUF)08:03en route
United Airlines
Air New Zealand
Air Canada
UA 301
NZ 2719
AC 3622
Boston (BOS)08:04en routeUnited AirlinesUA5671B22
New York (LGA)08:04en routeUnited AirlinesUA26842E11
Norfolk (ORF)08:04en route
United Airlines
Air Canada
UA 2287
AC 4917
NH 7798
Anchorage (ANC)08:05en routeChina Southern AirlinesCZ4372
Wilkes-Barre (AVP)08:05en routeUnited AirlinesUA44222F17
Baltimore (BWI)08:05en routeUnited AirlinesUA2311C9
Charleston (CRW)08:05en routeUnited AirlinesUA58012F24
Detroit (DTW)08:05en routeUnited AirlinesUA53532F16
Harrisburg (MDT)08:05en routeUnited AirlinesUA20821B12
Philadelphia (PHL)08:05en routeUnited AirlinesUA2081C7
Knoxville (TYS)08:05en routeSkyWest AirlinesOO46802E12
Ottawa (YOW)08:05en routeUnited AirlinesUA35291C6
Miami (MIA)08:06en routeNetJets Aviation1I5012
Toronto (YYZ)08:09en routeUnited AirlinesUA36402F26
Origin Arrival Status Airline Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
Montreal (YUL)08:12en routeUnited AirlinesUA35972E4
Abu Dhabi (AUH)08:15landedEtihad AirwaysEY1515
Atlanta (ATL)08:20en route
Delta Air Lines
Air France
Virgin Atlantic
LATAM Airlines
DL 1178
AF 2712
AM 4288
VS 4563
KL 5341
LA 6321
WS 8179
Greensboro (GSO)08:21en routeAmerican AirlinesAA36733L6B9
Owensboro (OWB)08:22en routeContour AviationLF30963
Washington (DCA)08:23en routeUnited AirlinesUA10351C28
Dallas (DAL)08:25en routeSouthwest AirlinesWN3325M28
Oklahoma City (OKC)08:25en routeAmerican AirlinesAA36043L10B9
Boston (BOS)08:28en route
Delta Air Lines
Virgin Atlantic
DL 5595
VS 2004
Dallas (DFW)08:28en routeSpirit AirlinesNK27043L5
Boston (BOS)08:30en routeJetBlue AirwaysB63113G2T2-1
Seoul (ICN)08:30landedKorean AirKE375
Tampa (TPA)08:33en routeAmerican AirlinesAA3543K57
Dallas (DFW)08:37en routeAmerican AirlinesAA23823K4
Rome (FCO)08:40en routeEthiopian AirlinesET5745M21
Manistee (MBL)08:44en routeCape Air9K11603G15
Nashville (BNA)08:45en routeSouthwest AirlinesWN33995M25
Guadalajara (GDL)08:46en routeVolarisY453585
Jacksonville (JAX)08:49en routeAmerican AirlinesAA10403H9
New York (EWR)08:50en routeAmerican AirlinesAA26013H54
Origin Arrival Status Airline Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
Marion (MWA)08:50en routeContour AviationLF30513G15
Owensboro (OWB)08:50en routeContour AviationLF30933G15
Washington (DCA)08:52en routeAmerican AirlinesAA23043K15
Anchorage (ANC)08:55en routeAir China LTDCA10533
New Orleans (MSY)08:55en routeAmerican AirlinesAA27433K99
Orlando (MCO)08:56en routeFrontier AirlinesF930435
Westchester County (HPN)08:57en routeAmerican AirlinesAA34963L209
New York (LGA)08:58en routeDelta Air LinesDL14915M1111
Austin (AUS)08:59en routeAmerican AirlinesAA10643H185
Charlotte (CLT)08:59en routeAmerican AirlinesAA28433H179
Anchorage (ANC)09:00en routeChina Southern AirlinesCZ4113
Anchorage (ANC)09:00en routeEVA AirBR6623
Miami (MIA)09:02en routeAmerican AirlinesAA5813H12
Toronto (YYZ)09:02en routeAir CanadaAC5012E34
Windsor Locks (BDL)09:04en routeAmerican AirlinesAA21373H15
Boston (BOS)09:04en routeAmerican AirlinesAA15093K165
Minneapolis (MSP)09:04en routeDelta Air LinesDL16095M411
Anchorage (ANC)09:05en routeChina Southern AirlinesCZ4371
Columbus (CMH)09:05en routeAmerican AirlinesAA35723L239
Greenville (GSP)09:05en routeAmerican AirlinesAA37103L21
Origin Arrival Status Airline Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
New York (LGA)09:05en route
United Airlines
Air New Zealand
Air Canada
TAP Air Portugal
UA 2381
NZ 2349
AC 4452
TP 8481
Covington (CVG)09:07en routeAmerican AirlinesAA38263L6A9
San Antonio (SAT)09:07en routeAmerican AirlinesAA6323H11A5
Denver (DEN)09:08en routeAmerican AirlinesAA27713H69
Providence (PVD)09:09en routeAmerican AirlinesAA33143G69
Albany (ALB)09:10en routeAmerican AirlinesAA56983G20
Kansas City (MCI)09:10en routeAmerican AirlinesAA35613L229
Raleigh (RDU)09:11en routeAmerican AirlinesAA28493H16
Bloomington (BMI)09:13en routeUnited AirlinesUA61543G13
Marquette (MQT)09:14en routeAmerican AirlinesAA34443G179
Anchorage (ANC)09:15en routeAir China LTDCA84453
Baltimore (BWI)09:15en routeAmerican AirlinesAA3783K196
Richmond (RIC)09:15en routeAmerican AirlinesAA56943G21
Syracuse (SYR)09:15en routeAmerican AirlinesAA41343L8
New York (LGA)09:18en routeAmerican AirlinesAA3923K128
Appleton (ATW)09:19en routeAmerican AirlinesAA61463G19A
Cleveland (CLE)09:19en routeUnited AirlinesUA22661C29
Anchorage (ANC)09:20en routeAir China LTDCA10113
Anchorage (ANC)09:20en routeAir China LTDCA10453
Anchorage (ANC)09:20en routeChina AirlinesCI51483
Origin Arrival Status Airline Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
Buffalo (BUF)09:20en routeAmerican AirlinesAA41413G4
Columbia (CAE)09:20en routeUnited AirlinesUA60593G1B
Dayton (DAY)09:20en routeAmerican AirlinesAA60263G10
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)09:20en routeSpirit AirlinesNK13L11
Istanbul (IST)09:20en routeTurkish AirlinesTK65573
Lexington (LEX)09:20en routeAmerican AirlinesAA60643G9
Orlando (MCO)09:20en routeAmerican AirlinesAA9383H11B
Milwaukee (MKE)09:20scheduledAir WisconsinZW61443G14A
Norfolk (ORF)09:20en routeAmerican AirlinesAA42693L39
Pittsburgh (PIT)09:20en routeAmerican AirlinesAA5383H8
Fort Myers (RSW)09:20en routeUnited AirlinesUA7861B4
Washington (DCA)09:23en routeUnited AirlinesUA26291B10
Dallas (DFW)09:25en routeAmerican AirlinesAA11063H146
Des Moines (DSM)09:27en routeUnited AirlinesUA13911B6
Detroit (DTW)09:28en routeAmerican AirlinesAA48753G5
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)09:28en routeUnited AirlinesUA10971C24
Orlando (MCO)09:28en routeUnited AirlinesUA19571B2
St Louis (STL)09:29en routeGoJet AirlinesG741832
St Louis (STL)09:29en routeUnited AirlinesUA41832F23
Baltimore (BWI)09:30en routeSouthwest AirlinesWN4355M28
Origin Arrival Status Airline Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
Denver (DEN)09:30en routeUnited AirlinesUA5321C27
Dallas (DFW)09:30en routeUnited AirlinesUA3801B3
Tulsa (TUL)09:30en routeUnited AirlinesUA52882F14
New York (EWR)09:34en routeUnited AirlinesUA26041C23
New Orleans (MSY)09:34en routeUnited AirlinesUA21891B9
Sarasota (SRQ)09:34en route
United Airlines
Air Canada
Air China LTD
Virgin Australia
Air New Zealand
UA 2234
AC 5569
CA 7288
VA 8032
NZ 9684
Columbus (CMH)09:35en routeUnited AirlinesUA34701C2
Sioux Falls (FSD)09:35en routeUnited AirlinesUA2471B12
Indianapolis (IND)09:35scheduledUnited AirlinesUA35621C3
Cedar Rapids (CID)09:37scheduledUnited AirlinesUA2611B22
Kansas City (MCI)09:38en routeUnited AirlinesUA21331C17
Minneapolis (MSP)09:39en routeUnited AirlinesUA23411B8
West Palm Beach (PBI)09:39en routeUnited AirlinesUA18182E6
South Bend (SBN)09:39scheduledUnited AirlinesUA53092F28
Milwaukee (MKE)09:40scheduledUnited AirlinesUA54022F3
Fayetteville (XNA)09:41en routeUnited AirlinesUA55722F1
Nashville (BNA)09:42en routeUnited AirlinesUA59062F10
Houston (IAH)09:42en routeUnited AirlinesUA13161C21
Austin (AUS)09:43en routeUnited AirlinesUA11132E10
Hancock (CMX)09:44en routeUnited AirlinesUA50162F5
Origin Arrival Status Airline Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
Omaha (OMA)09:44en route
United Airlines
Copa Airlines
Air Canada
UA 2668
CM 2848
AC 3459
NH 7452
San Antonio (SAT)09:44en routeUnited AirlinesUA14361B7
Washington (IAD)09:46en routeUnited AirlinesUA24401C9
Fargo (FAR)09:47en routeUnited AirlinesUA53482F25
Miami (MIA)09:47en routeUnited AirlinesUA21951B14
Appleton (ATW)09:48scheduledUnited AirlinesUA46611B24
Madison (MSN)09:48scheduledUnited AirlinesUA35461B1
Pittsburgh (PIT)09:48en routeUnited AirlinesUA34611C4
Detroit (DTW)09:49scheduledUnited AirlinesUA47361B23
Little Rock (LIT)09:49en routeUnited AirlinesUA52112F11
Springfield (SGF)09:49en routeUnited AirlinesUA55851B18
Tampa (TPA)09:51en routeUnited AirlinesUA4071B5
Wichita (ICT)09:53scheduledUnited AirlinesUA17751C22
Duluth (DLH)09:54en routeUnited AirlinesUA54982F21
Birmingham (BHM)09:55en routeUnited AirlinesUA44492F15
New York (LGA)09:55en routeUnited AirlinesUA17881B20
Lincoln (LNK)09:55en routeUnited AirlinesUA52742E12
Memphis (MEM)09:55en routeUnited AirlinesUA6601C28
Oklahoma City (OKC)09:55en routeUnited AirlinesUA53642F6