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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas (DFW, KDFW)

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Origin Arrival Status Carrier Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
San Jose Del Cabo (SJD)20:00landedNetJets Aviation1IB
New York (LGA)20:07landedAmerican AirlinesAA1088CC31C25
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)20:10landedSpirit AirlinesNK1966EE18E32
Madrid (MAD)20:10landedIberiaIB6149DD8
Atlanta (ATL)20:14landedFrontier AirlinesF91553EE2032
Los Angeles (LAX)20:29en route
American Airlines
Air Tahiti Nui
Qatar Airways
AA 1331
TN 1193
QR 2727
Denver (DEN)20:33en routeUnited AirlinesUA1235EE8E4
Washington (IAD)20:34en routeUnited AirlinesUA1292EE5E4
Chicago (ORD)20:46en routeUnited AirlinesUA1343EE5E4
Montreal (YUL)20:49en routeAir CanadaAC8815EE2E5
Mexico City (MEX)20:50en routeAmerican AirlinesAA2351DD22CUST
Winston Salem (INT)20:52en routeAmerican AirlinesAA9785CC26C25
Chicago (ORD)20:57en routeSpirit AirlinesNK1858EE32E32
Orlando (MCO)20:59en routeSpirit AirlinesNK1015EE32E31
Austin (AUS)21:03en routeAmerican AirlinesAA1454BB11B5
New York (LGA)21:04en routeAmerican AirlinesAA1445AA16A16
San Jose Del Cabo (SJD)21:05en routeAmerican AirlinesAA1317DD17CUST
Houston (IAH)21:09en routeUnited AirlinesUA6069EE4E4
Origin Arrival Status Carrier Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
Charlotte (CLT)21:19en routeAmerican AirlinesAA2288CC14C12
Laredo (LRD)21:21en routeUPS Airlines5X791C
Philadelphia (PHL)21:22en routeAmerican AirlinesAA2384CC28C25
Salt Lake City (SLC)21:26en routeDelta Air LinesDL1685EE16E15
Los Angeles (LAX)21:30en routeAmerican AirlinesAA2723DD37D31
Miami (MIA)21:31en routeAmerican AirlinesAA2524CC21C15
Cancun (CUN)21:34en routeAmerican AirlinesAA681DD31CUST
Washington (DCA)21:34en routeAmerican AirlinesAA2907CC35C26
New York (JFK)21:34en routeAmerican AirlinesAA377CC11C12
Seattle (SEA)21:36en route
American Airlines
Qatar Airways
AA 1992
QR 7581
Boston (BOS)21:39en route
American Airlines
British Airways
AA 1148
BA 1915
QF 4554
G3 6141
New York (EWR)21:42en routeAmerican AirlinesAA2436AA33A28
Santa Ana (SNA)21:42en route
American Airlines
British Airways
Alaska Airlines
Gulf Air
AA 2659
BA 1823
AS 6106
GF 6811
New York (JFK)21:48en routeDelta Air LinesDL986EE14E14
New York (LGA)22:03en route
American Airlines
JetBlue Airways
AA 1105
B6 4140
Charlotte (CLT)22:18en routeAmerican AirlinesAA670AA20A17
Detroit (DTW)22:25en routeDelta Air LinesDL1207EE13E14
Orlando (MCO)22:25en routeUPS Airlines5X1335E
Origin Arrival Status Carrier Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
San Diego (SAN)22:27en routeFrontier AirlinesF92706EE2032
New York (LGA)22:35en routeDelta Air LinesDL735EE12E14
San Antonio (SAT)22:40scheduledUPS Airlines5X783E
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)22:49en routeSpirit AirlinesNK2955EE33E31
Tampa (TPA)22:52scheduledUPS Airlines5X1349E
Chicago (ORD)22:56en routeUnited AirlinesUA2230EE9E4
Houston (IAH)22:59scheduledUnited AirlinesUA6073EE4E4
Houston (IAH)23:00scheduledUPS Airlines5X775E
Phoenix (PHX)23:15scheduledAmerican AirlinesAA633DD38D31
Minneapolis (MSP)23:17scheduledDelta Air LinesDL1516EE15E15
Atlanta (ATL)23:19scheduledDelta Air LinesDL818EE17E14
Miami (MIA)23:23en routeSpirit AirlinesNK3163EE18E31
Minneapolis (MSP)23:23scheduledUPS Airlines5X561E
Los Angeles (LAX)23:25scheduledDelta Air LinesDL568EE13E14
Memphis (MEM)23:26scheduledUPS Airlines5X1383E
Miami (MIA)23:27scheduledUPS Airlines5X1343E
Los Angeles (LAX)23:30scheduled
American Airlines
Air Tahiti Nui
British Airways
AA 2967
TN 1287
BA 1997
Phoenix (PHX)23:35scheduledUPS Airlines5X893D
Origin Arrival Status Carrier Flight Terminal Gate Baggage
San Bernardino (SBD)23:43scheduledUPS Airlines5X933D
Atlanta (ATL)23:44scheduledUPS Airlines5X1301D
Anchorage (ANC)23:49en routeCathay PacificCX2090D
Miami (MIA)23:52en routeAmerican AirlinesAA1950AA9A15
Denver (DEN)23:54scheduledUnited AirlinesUA772EE10E4
New York (EWR)23:55en routeUnited AirlinesUA1052EE5E4
Philadelphia (PHL)23:55en routeSpirit AirlinesNK262EE33E32
New York (JFK)23:56en routeJetBlue AirwaysB6809EE10
Chicago (ORD)23:56scheduledUPS Airlines5X603E
San Francisco (SFO)23:57en routeUnited AirlinesUA1765EE4E4
Philadelphia (PHL)23:59en routeFrontier AirlinesF92303EE2032
Seattle (SEA)23:59en routeAlaska AirlinesAS372EE11E14
Ontario (ONT)00:11scheduledUPS Airlines5X929E
Denver (DEN)00:25scheduledFrontier AirlinesF9504EE2132
Phoenix (PHX)00:38scheduledSpirit AirlinesNK2903EE31
Louisville (SDF)01:21scheduledUPS Airlines5X776E
Anchorage (ANC)01:55en routeKorean AirKE277E