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Arusha Airport, Arusha (ARK, HTAR)

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Origin Arrival Status Carrier Flight Terminal
Kilimanjaro (JRO)14:45landedAir Excel
Zanzibar (ZNZ)15:05landed
Precision Air
Etihad Airways
PW 426
H1 1908
EY 3742
Seronera (SEU)15:10landedAir Excel
Seronera (SEU)15:10landedAir Excel
Seronera (SEU)15:10landedAir Excel
Lake Manyara (LKY)15:20landedRegionalYS8
Zanzibar (ZNZ)15:35landedAuric AirUI1738
Zanzibar (ZNZ)15:35unknownFlexFlightW21368
Zanzibar (ZNZ)15:35unknownAuric AirUI618
Kilimanjaro (JRO)15:45landedRegional Air8N302
Seronera (SEU)15:50landedAir Excel
Zanzibar (ZNZ)16:00landed
Seronera (SEU)16:10landedAir Excel
Zanzibar (ZNZ)16:15landedFlightlinkYS105
Zanzibar (ZNZ)16:45landedAir Excel
Seronera (SEU)16:50landedAir Excel
Zanzibar (ZNZ)17:00landed
Air Tanzania
TC 136
H1 3689
Origin Arrival Status Carrier Flight Terminal
Seronera (SEU)17:10landedAuric AirUI1767
Grumeti (GTZ)17:30landedAuric AirUI1757
Seronera (SEU)17:30landedAir Excel
Zanzibar (ZNZ)17:40unknownRegional Air8N2022
Kilimanjaro (JRO)17:45unknownAir Excel2
Lake Manyara (LKY)17:45landedAuric AirUI17272
Dar Es Salaam (DAR)17:50landedRegional Air8N2022
Dar Es Salaam (DAR)18:05landedAuric AirUI6152
Dar Es Salaam (DAR)18:05landedAuric AirUI61502
Kilimanjaro (JRO)18:10landedAir Excel2
Zanzibar (ZNZ)18:15landedCoastal AviationCQ1392
Dar Es Salaam (DAR)18:20landedCoastal AviationCQ1372
Zanzibar (ZNZ)18:25landedAir Excel2
Lake Manyara (LKY)18:30landedRegional Air8N1122
Lake Manyara (LKY)18:30landedCoastal AviationCQ2622
Kilimanjaro (JRO)21:15landedAir Excel2
Zanzibar (ZNZ)21:25landedAir Excel2